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Pramati Hill View Academy

“Education has an important role in making our great nation Self-reliant” and this is our firm belief here at Pramati Hillview Academy. Since two decades, our objective has steadfast: and that is to unleash the potential inside each child through education of the mind, body, and soul.

Pramati Hillview Academy is located on 2 acre of land in two blocks in three floors with 48 rooms with separate Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Computer, Music, Art & Craft & Language labs. All the labs are equipped with sufficient apparatus and instruments.

CBSE Syllabus

At Pramati Hillview Academy, all our students are educated under the CBSE Syllabus. Benefits include:

  • Our CBSE Syllabus is famous for having a uniform curriculum used in all major Indian cities as well as those outside of India.
  • Our curriculum is noted for being detail-oriented, while students are often given several tasks to complete in order to comprehend a subject’s principles on a practical level.
  • Our CBSE students frequently outshine their ICSE, ISC, and state-board rivals.
  • The CBSE authorized syllabus is used for the majority of undergraduate competitive exams held in India.
  • Fluency of English, a language which plays a major role in global communication is exceptional in CBSE students.

Well Trained Faculty

We have a motivated staff of teachers that are dedicated to the cause of education and are conscious that they are shaping the children’s future. They aid in the methodical and systematic execution of the college’s operations. As a result, there is excellent coordination between faculty and students. With their extensive knowledge, they lead their students in discovering their true potential and instilling a love of education in them.


Our classrooms are large and well-ventilated, with computers and multimedia technology to allow staff to employ digital tools to improve the learning opportunity. The perfect faculty for our deserving students have been employed to guide and direct our students in the effort of learning as well as practicing the practicality of academics. Our academy’s campus was developed in consultation with the appropriate architectural team. From Smart Courses to personally designated lockers for their possessions, we have offered our students with a variety of amenities.


We prioritize the safe transportation of each student to and from school and home. To provide safe transportation, the school has its own fleet of school buses that are built to standards and staffed by professional drivers and people who are sensitive to the requirements of little children. The transport is available for most regions of Mysore and our drivers are well aware of all the routes. Additionally the buses have Speed Control and GPS Navigation facility. Using the GPS technology, parents will have the capacity to follow the whereabouts of the bus using their smartphones. CCTV cameras are being installed in buses, along with an RFID system which will enable the school and parents to know whether and when the child got on or off the bus, as well as the place and time they did so.

Salient Features