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The Stepping Stone

Education Is The Path To Success

Pramati Educational & Cultural Trust had its inception in August of 2003, when a group of like-minded individuals joined together for the purpose of establishing a trust to promote quality basic education in this great town of Mysore together with the idea of promoting the cultural exuberance that our wonderful town cherishes. 

Our Mission


  • To facilitate the growth of every child to his/her full potential.
  • Prepare students to face challenges in life through a comprehensive skill development program.


  • To discover and develop the innate talents to their perfection.
  • To develop an integrated personality with sound mind and body.


  • To develop the spirit of research and creativity.
  • To build character based on self-reliance, service and dedication.


  • To develop leadership qualities like initiative, self-confidence, team spirit, care & concern for others.
  • To build character based on self-reliance, service and dedication.

Providing Outstanding Education

Bringing Transformation

Leaders Are Made Here

“Education has an important role in making our great nation Self-reliant” and this is our firm belief here at Pramati Institutions.

Since two decades, our objective has steadfast: and that is to unleash the potential inside each child through education of the mind, body, and soul. To achieve the latter, we create environment and possibilities for critical development and creative thinking.

Our rich and efficient program, our immeasurable naturally gifted and fascinating teaching staff and pupils, and our conviction in the attributes personified by the five most important traits — Honor, Honesty, Reverence, Modesty, and Outstanding quality — all work together to form the groundwork of a learning environment that strives to help children grow into outstanding members in our community.

An uninformed person will never completely understand their responsibilities to one another as fellow humans and to the planet in its entirety. As humans, we owe it to the world we live in to improve it so that it is a better place to live for all.

Quality education encourages people to think more broadly than their concerns and enables them to acquire the ability to make the world a happier and safer place for the next generation.


Pramati Hillview Academy

The first venture was that of the school. We wanted to do a day boarding and a boarding school, namely with the intention of bringing all the mofussil, rural and semi-urban areas of Mysore into the fold of the Modern Education that are predominantly available in the city centers. We wanted to ensure that the great talents do prevail in the rural and semi-urban areas are given an opportunity to come to the city and they be given the same quality of education that the urbanites get, so that they are able to effectively learn and efficiently compete with the urban crowd and this has been the idea of starting a Boarding School.

As an Educational & Cultural Trust our objective was to increase the quality as well as the value of the academics, skill development as well as personality development. With these three pillars in mind Pramati Hillview Academy was started.  Initially we started the school with state syllabus and soon it got recognized by the CBSE board


“I have had an amazing experience at Pramathi. The boarding days are still the best part of my childhood. I was lucky to get a lot of mentors here and I have made some amazing friends that support me, even today, for my passion. I am currently pursuing my Master’s Degree in the UK and the reason I am able to get until here is because of my strong schooling. I am very thankful to my teachers at Pramathi for making me who I am.

Arjun S

Batch 2017

I joined Pramathi for my 1st grade and studied up to PU. I remember walking into the school happy, waiting to meet my friends and teachers, from the early days. All the years I have spent at Pramathi, I have enjoyed my schooling academically, enjoyed the exposure we get to play sports, learn arts and build out as a wholesome personality. I found the real value of it much later after I got a great job where I am appreciated a lot, which was possible because of the foundation laid at Pramathi. I am so glad to be a Pramathian.

Rashi B

Batch 2015

Pramati PU College

Pramati Hillview Academy has educational opportunities for children from Pre-KG to 12th grade under CBSE. Along with CBSE Pramati Hillview Academy also houses the classic 1st and 2nd PU Courses for the students who prefer the state syllabus. The State Council of Education Research and Training has created a syllabus for the state boards (SCERT).

In 2021 one of our students has achieved 1st place in all 5 streams of CET Exams, which is a record in the history of CET Exam.