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Navo Pramati

With the emergence of new technology and the creation of new jobs, we have started providing transdisciplinary courses. In addition to a comprehensive curriculum, we also offer cutting-edge resources and faculty who are experts in their fields. The basic goal of every competitive test is to develop the skillset and learn in the process. Youngsters can obtain merit rank, scholarships, and rewards by encouraging them to take competitive exams. Partaking in such exams on a regular basis will, of course, contribute to their lifetime successes. Naturally everyone knows when and what to study. Obviously, every schools teaches the basics. But, what does Navo-Pramati offer?

On seeing the need for a full-fledged coaching facility in the region, Navo-Pramati was founded to develop Civil Service applicants. The Institute’s goal is to provide Civil Service applicants with a comprehensive package that would give them a competitive edge in the Preliminary, Main, and Interview stages of the Civil Services Exams. This here is a School for promoting Human Excellence & Knowledge. The most prominent Civil Services are Indian Administrative Services (IAS), Indian Police Services (IPS), Indian Revenue Services (IRS), and Indian Foreign Services (IFS). The allocation of services to successful candidates is based on their examination ranks.

Our programs employ a Unified Approach that incorporates several various techniques, including regular classroom learning, innovatively designed study material, self-study, self-evaluation, frequent class tests, repeated revisions, daily answer writing, motivational sessions, regular meetings with qualified applicants, one-on-one constructive criticism, and constant and all-around performance reviews.

At Navo-Pramati you can also get tutored for exams such as:

  • Police Sub-Inspector Exams – PSI
  • First Division Assistant – FDA
  • Second Division – SDA
  • Panchayat Development Officer – PDO
  • Railway Recruitment Board – RRB
  • Staff Selection Commission – SSC
  • Bank Probationary Officer – Bank PO

In Conclusion

A common strategy to board or competitive test preparation is not always the optimal technique with every student. It is critical to identify and adhere with approaches that resonate with each individual’s learning strategies. We at Navo-Pramati have seen and experienced with students sometimes being overwhelmed by the demands of studying for both board and competitive examinations. We saw the opportunity and took action towards creating an environment which makes sure that our students keep in mind that there are several tools available to assist them in preparing in the most efficient manner for them along with trained, certified and experienced professionals.